Milwaukee our Beautiful Brother

MilwaukeeThe city of Milwaukee as most refer to it as the cream city, brew city, beer city or beer town is situated at Milwaukee County in the state of Wisconsin United States, also home to our friends at Boost Digital Marketing. Besides, it is also the largest city in the state of Wisconsin and the 31st populated city in the United States. The city of Milwaukee is well known for the beer brewing activities. Moreover, the city is also well known as a rich historical and cultural city. It is filled with vast attractions that attract visitors from various parts of the world. It is the best pick for weekend escape with friends and family. Perhaps among the major attractions include Ice Age Trail Stoney Ridge and Blue Spring among many more. It is also known as the city of baseball game in the Milwaukee Brewers. You may also heard of the famous water damage Milwaukee flooding – see article to refresh your memory.

Milwaukee, WI is also a getaway city with five star restaurants which include Sanford Restaurant, Kopp’s Frozen Custard Stand and Glorioso’s Italian Market among many more. Nonetheless, city of Milwaukee is another tourist destination spot with top rated attractions such as Miller Park, Milwaukee Art Museum and Basilica of St. Josaphat to name a few. The Milwaukee Art Museum has been recently expanded and now accommodates varied nature of flora and fauna. The Mitchell Park of Horticultural Society is another tourist destination in Milwaukee city which hosts annual show of various kinds. The annual shows are visited by majority of people from different parts of the world.

If you want to learn more on the city’s history, you can visit the Grand Pabst Mansion which is the former city of beer barons. The Miller Brewer Company is another must not miss spot whenever you travel to Milwaukee city. A lot of brewing activities takes on at this place. In case you will travel with your children, then there is something for them to enjoy and this is Betty Brinn Children Museum. There is much for your children to enjoy at this place.

Milwaukee’s terrain is composed of sculpted remains of glacier that has converted the place into steep bluffs especially the area around Lake Michigan. The general climate of the area is composed of rapidly unpredictable weather translating to a humid continental climate. It is a combination of windy, snowy and warm weather patterns. If you want to travel here when the weather is warm, you can go there during the month of July. The city of Milwaukee has every nice feature for every one that travels there. It is one perfect getaway for a weekend outing.

Common Medical Assistant Interview Questions

Job InterviewYou have submitted your fantastic resume and cover letter to a physician’s office, and they invited you to an interview. You are nervous and excited. Yet, you have no clue what you are going to say. It’s not like you are interviewing for your first pizza delivery job. This is a real job. All that hard work has paid off, thus it is time to prepare for the interview. Medical assistants are the ones who are most in touch with the patients. Therefore, it takes a particular type of person to undertake this job and its position. The questions in the interview are specifically tailored to filter those who cannot handle it out. Here is a list of most common medical assistant interview questions and answers for those applying for a position as a medical assistant.

What is the difference between a nurse and a medical assistant?

It is commonly confused that a medical assistant and nurse are the same. Though, this is not the case. If you are new to the field, then the employer is a lot more likely to ask this question. Make sure you answer this question precisely, as it speaks about your knowledge of the medical field. To help you out, the main difference between a nurse and medical assistant is that a nurse is more highly trained and can perform procedures like giving injections. On the other side, a medical assistant performs more menial but necessary tasks such as helping their patients wash and dress.

Describe a difficult experience with a patient and how you handled it?

This is a scenario you need to be prepared for. Think of a story from your previous employment, how you handled it and describe how you resolved the issue. The office you are interviewing for is completely aware how demanding the position is, therefore they need to know how you will respond to a certain situation. End on a positive note, and remember to be brief.

How would you rate your communication skills?

If the employer asks you a question like this one, always give a concise answer. Say that you would definitely rate your communication skills as strong as you, for example, used to work in customer service for several years and was always praised for having great communication skills. You do not have to lie, but try to prove that you are the person they need.

What are things you might not like about medical profession?

This is the question every interviewee should be prepared for. It’s a very good way for the employer to assess and calculate how comfortable you are in the field and how actually genuine are the experiences you might claim to have. Unfortunately, many people use this as an opportunity to gripe. That’s wrong. Refrain from doing so. You need to keep positive attitude. Instead of crying over the long hours a medical assistant has to put up with, always phrase it differently, for example, how it would be better if one was actually given increased responsibilities to handle.

How do you protect the rights of patients?

Be careful on this one. The response to this question could make, or break, the interview for you. Part of your M.A education is centered around confidentiality laws for good reason. Violating the privacy laws not only puts your patients at risk, it also sets you for severe penalties from the Federal Government. In other words, if a patient cannot trust their most personal information and data with you and your office, why would they even stay?

Hopefully going over these 5 common interview questions can help you land that medical assistant job you trained to become! Good luck.

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These Swiffer products are readily available in many places including online. Their prices are also reasonable where buyers get optimum value for their money. However, buyers can buy these products at reduced prices through utilizing the Swiffer coupons and deals. This means that using the coupons and deals can make buyers get discounts on the various products consequently allowing buyers to save some money and still get quality products.

The Swiffer coupons are popularly used by many buyers of these products since the coupons are easy to get and they provide a convenient way of getting discounts. These coupons are available in many places where they are both in printable and online versions. Printing the coupons means that users need to present them on conventional stores while buying these products so as to get the discounts. But the online coupons can readily be used while buying the Swiffer products from online stores. Since there are many websites which offer these coupons, it is advisable to authenticate that the chosen website is legitimate since there are some which are not genuine. The ideal way of authenticating such a website is reading reviews and testimonials from previous customers so as to establish whether these customers benefited from the coupons they got. Therefore, people can buy the quality Swiffer products at reduced prices through utilizing the Swiffer coupons.

5 Reasons Why the Price of Gold Rise

1.The Economy

The US has endured the longest and deepest economic rebound ever since the 1930s. With the US manufacturing base shipped to overseas, the fewer jobs created are in the service industry and government sector. Therefore, the fundamental rise in the price of gold has been attributed to the global recession as risk averse investors are devising new ways and safer products to hold their wealth. The dollar keeps weakening and international investors prefer to put their faith in the precious yellow metal, raising its value. You can start buying gold ira through gold ira companies.

2. Speculation and Anxiety

Every day, the market does a hard job trying to balance greed and fear. However, at the end of the day, fear always predominates. Investors are quick to abandon any investment with the slightest perceived risk. For instance, the sovereign-debt crisis that began with Greece and Iceland threatens to spread across the globe. As a result, fearful investors are taking precaution and moving assets from weakening currencies such as euro into gold. In addition, the Dow’s 1000-point dive in May 2010 demonstrated to investors how extremely vulnerable paper assets are. Although the stock market recovered from the 2008/09 dark hole, some stock market analysts think that it is overbought and about to come in terms with the painful reality.

3. Market Demand

The US Federal Reserve has maintained virtually zero interest rates, without a hint of a hike any time soon, subsequently lowering the opportunity cost of purchasing gold. Investors’ reaction has been astonishing; with eagerness, leaving the US Mint with no option but to ration popular bullion commodities just to meet the overwhelming demand. If anything, gold’s value is not derived from its industrial applications, but from the fact that it is universally accepted as a stable and safe store of value. Therefore, as long as the public continue to lose trust for debased paper currencies, the demand for gold will continue to rise exponentially.

4. The Dollar Fluctuation

The worldwide flee from risky assets and the unwinding bets placed with borrowed dollars have benefited the dollar. It has come as a surprise to many who believed that increased government spending as well as a subsiding US economy would maim the dollar. However, it turns out the dollar’s health remains largely dependent on foreigner’s thirst for US assets, which will reduce with faltering of the economy and the government’s continuous injection of additional liquidity. The weakening of the dollar, policy reflation, and plentiful liquidity will be major topics for debate in the future.

5. Reflation

The cure of deflation as opposed to deflation itself greatly benefits gold. With time, the market will get over deflation issues and focus on inflation – gold’s real inflection point. The Federal Reserve, the Swiss National Bank, the Bank of England, and the European central banks have all radically increased their balance sheets. Voluminous money supply growth will have so much money splashing through the system, generating a potentially terrible inflation. Historical factors such as low US interest rates, dollar weakness, and the Federal Reserve’s long-term inflationary pressures tossing trillions of dollars at the US economy provide an ample environment for tangible assets such as gold. More reasons to invest in gold.


60 Days Later

Although Underheard in New York is currently on hiatus as we figure out the project’s future, we wanted to thank all of you who engaged with Danny, Derrick, Albert and Carlos throughout their time as Underheard in New York tweeters. Not only did you listen to their voices and interact with them on Twitter, but you also unexpectedly provided them with material things to help them better their lives. Due to the great success of this site they were able to donate a refrigerator to a local New York shelter.

And to a greater extend you guys provided them with something invaluable: a restored sense of confidence in themselves and a newfound faith in the kindness of strangers. But why take our word for it? Watch the video below to find out how Danny, Derrick, Albert and Carlos feel about their experiences with Underheard in New York.

As you all know their SMS cards expire every thirty days. I went down to the Rescue Mission to refill their card for the third straight month thanks to your donations.

If you are interested in donating SMS cards or old cellphones to help keep Underheard going as we sort out the program’s future – the project currently lacks funding – then please feel free to contact us at

What’s Next for Underheard in New York?

Underheard in New York was created as a thirty day initiative to give the homeless population of NYC a voice. You listened- so many people listened.

We received a lot of messages asking about the future of the project and if Danny, Derrick, Carlos and Albert will keep tweeting. We think they will- regardless of whether it’s with
Underheard in New York or not. A community formed around them and that
has impacted their lives.

We’ve read the inspirational messages and encouragement you’ve sent their way, and so have they- Albert mentioned on Thursday that he now has “a little smile sometimes.” He didn’t used to smile that often, but now that he has found out how caring people are around the world he is “able to crack a little smile sometimes.” They’re all so grateful to have you out there listening.

They’re also grateful for those who wanted to do more that they are offering college grants for any upcoming students. See more here

Derrick received a phone call from NY Giants player Steve Smith, as well as a ticket to an upcoming game and a fundraiser for the NYC Rescue Mission in his name. He received an offer of a job interview, which he went on Friday morning.

Albert had his $200 worth of transit tickets paid, something that goes beyond just the money he didn’t have. Instead of ignoring the problem, its been taken care of and there will be no legal stumbling blocks in his future as he pulls himself back to his feet.

Carlos has created ‘angels’ out of followers, and received an offer of office space, a $30 metro card so he doesn’t have to walk 2.5 hours to the library each day.

Danny found someone to write down his life story, one which now has a much happier ending- @craftsygirl found his daughter through social media and the two of them reunited after 11 years apart.

So what happens now? With the money left in our budget, we put another 30-days of unlimited texting on each man’s phone. We don’t believe their stories are done being told.

We also don’t believe there aren’t other stories to tell. Underheard in New York is working with BBH, the agency that gave us the opportunity and guidance to create this project, to develop an expansion model that would bring Underheard to your own city. We will keep everyone updated as things develop here- we’re very excited to continue the project and get you involved.

Our blog updates will eventually stop, and we won’t be posting twitter updates so much ourselves, but this project was never about us. We’ll have one last video to recap the month and as always, you can reach us at or @underheardinny if you have questions, suggestions or anything in between.

Day 27

Last week was eventful for Derrick – so eventful that we weren’t able to fit everything into our blog!

In addition to being featured in the New York Times City Room blog and receiving a call from Steve Smith, who encouraged his Twitter followers and Facebook fans to donate to the NYC Rescue Mission, Derrick also received a ticket to a 2011 season New York Giants game. Not only will Derrick get to attend the game, but he’ll also have a chance to hang out on the field during practice. Thanks to Elliot Shriftman for making it all possible!


As if that weren’t enough good news Derrick was able to line up three job interviews for this week, one of which contacted us to relay their offer to Derrick. Send some encouragement and good luck to @awitness2011 this week as he works these job interviews to his daily routine. We all hope that Derrick has good news to tweet by the end of the week!

Day 28

It’s been quite awhile since we initially mentioned Albert’s two transit tickets – or maybe it’s that so much has happened recently that two weeks feels like an eternity.

In any case we’re happy to announce that Chris from Australia offered to pay for Albert’s two tickets. Today, Willy and I went with Albert to the Metropolitan Transit Authority Adjudication Bureau in Brooklyn to pay for those tickets.

Needless to say Albert is relieved to have that weight off his shoulders. We’re not sure what problems Albert might have faced if the tickets went unpaid. See his response below.

Update: Albert has also quit smoking thanks to electronic cigarettes!