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Milwaukee our Beautiful Brother

The city of Milwaukee as most refer to it as the cream city, brew city, beer city or beer town is situated at Milwaukee County in the state of Wisconsin United States, also home to our friends at Boost Digital Marketing. Besides, it is also the largest city in the state of Wisconsin and the 31st populated city in the United States. The city of Milwaukee is well known for the beer brewing activities. Moreover, the city is also well known as a rich historical and cultural city. It is filled with vast attractions that attract visitors from various parts of the world. It is the best pick for weekend escape with friends and family. Perhaps among the major attractions include Ice Age Trail Stoney Ridge and Blue Spring among many more. It is also known as the city of baseball game in the Milwaukee Brewers. You may also heard of the famous water damage Milwaukee flooding – see article to refresh your memory.

Milwaukee, WI is also a getaway city with five star restaurants which include Sanford Restaurant, Kopp’s Frozen Custard Stand and Glorioso’s Italian Market among many more. Nonetheless, city of Milwaukee is another tourist destination spot with top rated attractions such as Miller Park, Milwaukee Art Museum and Basilica of St. Josaph at to name a few. The Milwaukee Art Museum has been recently expanded and now accommodates varied nature of flora and fauna. The Mitchell Park of Horticultural Society is another tourist destination in Milwaukee city which hosts annual show of various kinds. The annual shows are visited by majority of people from different parts of the world.

If you want to learn more on the city’s history, you can visit the Grand Pabst Mansion which is the former city of beer barons. The Miller Brewer Company is another must not miss spot whenever you travel to Milwaukee city. A lot of brewing activities takes on at this place. In case you will travel with your children, then there is something for them to enjoy and this is Betty Brinn Children Museum. There is much for your children to enjoy at this place.

Milwaukee’s terrain is composed of sculpted remains of glacier that has converted the place into steep bluffs especially the area around Lake Michigan. The general climate of the area is composed of rapidly unpredictable weather translating to a humid continental climate. It is a combination of windy, snowy and warm weather patterns. If you want to travel here when the weather is warm, you can go there during the month of July. The city of Milwaukee has every nice feature for every one that travels there. It is one perfect getaway for a weekend outing.