Common Medical Assistant Interview Questions

You have submitted your fantastic resume and cover letter to a physician’s office, and they invited you to an interview. You are nervous and excited. Yet, you have no clue what you are going to say. It’s not like you are interviewing for your first pizza delivery job. This is a real job. All that hard work has paid off, thus it is time to prepare for the interview. Medical assistants are the ones who are most in touch with the patients. Therefore, it takes a particular type of person to undertake this job and its position. The questions in the interview are specifically tailored to filter those who cannot handle it out. Here is a list of most common medical assistant interview questions and answers for those applying for a position as a medical assistant.

What is the difference between a nurse and a medical assistant?

It is commonly confused that a medical assistant and nurse are the same. Though, this is not the case. If you are new to the field, then the employer is a lot more likely to ask this question. Make sure you answer this question precisely, as it speaks about your knowledge of the medical field. To help you out, the main difference between a nurse and medical assistant is that a nurse is more highly trained and can perform procedures like giving injections. On the other side, a medical assistant performs more menial but necessary tasks such as helping their patients wash and dress.

Describe a difficult experience with a patient and how you handled it?

This is a scenario you need to be prepared for. Think of a story from your previous employment, how you handled it and describe how you resolved the issue. The office you are interviewing for is completely aware how demanding the position is, therefore they need to know how you will respond to a certain situation. End on a positive note, and remember to be brief.

How would you rate your communication skills?

If the employer asks you a question like this one, always give a concise answer. Say that you would definitely rate your communication skills as strong as you, for example, used to work in customer service for several years and was always praised for having great communication skills. You do not have to lie, but try to prove that you are the person they need.

What are things you might not like about medical profession?

This is the question every interviewee should be prepared for. It’s a very good way for the employer to assess and calculate how comfortable you are in the field and how actually genuine are the experiences you might claim to have. Unfortunately, many people use this as an opportunity to gripe. That’s wrong. Refrain from doing so. You need to keep positive attitude. Instead of crying over the long hours a medical assistant has to put up with, always phrase it differently, for example, how it would be better if one was actually given increased responsibilities to handle.

How do you protect the rights of patients?

Be careful on this one. The response to this question could make, or break, the interview for you. Part of your M.A education is centered around confidentiality laws for good reason. Violating the privacy laws not only puts your patients at risk, it also sets you for severe penalties from the Federal Government. In other words, if a patient cannot trust their most personal information and data with you and your office, why would they even stay?

Hopefully going over these 5 common interview questions can help you land that medical assistant job you trained to become! Good luck.