How You Can Help

Our primary goal for Underheard in New York was to develop an active and supportive community around our tweeters Danny, Derrick, Albert and Carlos. Thanks to a great deal of support from people worldwide, we feel like we’ve achieved our first goal. We’re excited to see what this community can achieve when working together.

Thanks to those who have created a community around Derrick, Carlos, Albert and Danny. Since this project started, our tweeters have been thankful to receive:

  • Reconnected Danny with his daughter and grandchildren after 11 years
  • Found an author to write Danny’s life story (@olivia67rae)
  • Job prospect for Danny
  • Offer of office space and the use of a desktop computer for Carlos (@danleatherman)
  • $30 metro card for Carlos (@peacegurl1)
  • Payment of Albert’s two transit tickets
  • Ticket to upcoming 2011 Giants game for Derrick
  • Job interview for Derrick (@oppnation)
  • Call to Derrick from Steve Smith, WR NY Giants (@SteveSmithNY)

Our original intentions were not to raise money, but we have been overwhelmed by the support and kindness of those who follow Danny, Derrick, Albert and Carlos. We would never prevent others from reaching out to the Underheard in New York tweeters, so while we are not soliciting donations, if there is something you would like to give to any of the four men, then please email us so we can pass it along.

If you want to help, please reach out to those without voices in your own community. Volunteer to tutor those trying to get their education or serve plates at dinner in a local shelter. Danny, Derrick, Albert and Jessie have all found support at the NYC Rescue Mission on Lafayette Street, as have countless others. On average, the organization feeds 500 people and provides beds for 100 individuals without shelter each night; in 2010, they served 41,602 total meals. There are now more than 300 Rescue Missions across the United States; BBH employees volunteer regularly at NYC Rescue Mission, and we encourage everyone to do the same. Help the organization that helps out Danny, Carlos, Albert and Derrick.