Steps To Remove A Tree From Your Yard – Underheard Guide

Trees are a vital component of our environment. They purify the air that we breathe as well as bring out the beauty of a landscape. There may come a time when your trees face sudden death. It can be due to bacteria invention or simply fall due to a strong storm. What do you do remedy this situation? Below are the steps you can follow to clear the tree from your backyard.

For you to successfully clear the tree remains you need to have the tools for the job. For instance, if the tree in question is has a large trunk, then you need to have a chainsaw. If you are not able to handle the chainsaw on your own then make sure there is another person around to help. It is important to take note of the fact that the tree clearing process takes a lot of time and therefore it will require you to dedicate your time to it. Besides, hurrying the process poses great danger. One could get injured by tools involved in the clearance process or heavy logs may fall on you.

Steps To Follow

Create Proper Undercut.
If your tree looks weak and it can fall anytime then it is risky for it to cleared. Start by cutting a proper undercut of a 90-degree angle. This is the angle that allows you to cut the tree in the shortest amount of time. The tree undercut should be at least a quarter of the tree trunk diameter. Avoiding pushing it after creating the undercut because it may not necessarily fall in the area you desire for it to do so.

Initiate The Back Cut
Immediately after the tree falls you need to initiate a back cut. You simply start cutting from the opposite side of the undercut to completely separate the tree trunk away from the main stem. After initiating the back cut it is important to note that you no longer control the side on which tree will fall. Take a few steps back to avoid any injury. At this stage, your tree is lying down and most probably in your preferred area.

This Step Is Known As Limbing.
This is the process where you remove branches from the main tree trunk from the bottom to the top. Clear the branches away to expose the main tree trunk for easier chopping into parts that you can easily carry.

After you are left with the log it is up to you to decide if you want it for firewood or other tree carvings. If you want it for firewood, cut it into small pieces. If you are using a chainsaw for the process ensure that you cut just a little bit past the halfway of the trunk to prevent the chainsaw from running into the ground and injuring you in the process.

Lastly cut the branches into smaller sizes that can be easily disposed of as required. Make sure that the trunk is not exposed as it can cause injury.

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