Underheard’s Top Causes Of Water Damage In Los Angeles Homes

There are many different causes of water damage in homes. Some of them are far more common than others. Many people are unaware that their home may be at risk for flooding. Always check potential areas where there could be flooding if there are heavy rains or other situations where there may be water. Keeping a close eye on such areas could just prevent a flood and some serious damage in and around a home. Here are some of the top causes of water damage in homes.

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Broken Pipe

Older homes often have older plumbing and many areas have increased their water pressure. As the water pressure increases water pipes in older homes often can’t handle the increased pressure and will burst. This can cause extensive water damage. Older homes should have the water pipes updated to handle the increase in water pressure and to ensure that there are no weak points that may cause breakage. The average age of homes in Los Angeles is over 34 years old according to this Los Angeles water damage company who’s seen it all.


Older homes that lie in flood zones are often flooded. Basements and other low lying areas may have extensive damage due to flooding. Other weather-related causes for flooding include the home being in a hurricane region, near a body of water or a river such as the homes in Alhambra, and extensive rains where the ground can’t soak the water up quickly enough. Water will then divert to the low lying homes and flood basements.


Many regions rely on irrigation to water their crops. Sometimes the irrigation ditches will become clogged with debris and divert the water toward homes. Always ensure that irrigation ditches and canals are free-flowing to help prevent such damages.


Many homeowners are zealous about watering their yards, gardens, and other areas in and around their homes. Unfortunately, if there are any cracks in the foundation, or if it’s an older home or there are ground-level windows, there is always the potential for flooding. Always make sure to water just shy of such situations to help avoid flooding.


More than one homeowner has returned home to find that the dishwasher or washer has flooded an area of the home. From a broken water pump to a clogged filter, there are many situations whereby this can happen. Try to avoid using dishwashers and washers unless someone is home. Make sure that all appliances are working properly before using them, especially if they have water running through them.

Broken Water Heater

Older water heaters simply aren’t as efficient as newer water heaters. Worse, they are renowned for flooding. All it takes is an older water heater and someone in need of hot water and you can have a recipe for a disaster. If your water heater is older than ten years it may be time to have it looked at and ensure that it’s still in proper working order.

Understanding what may cause water damage in homes can go far in helping to prevent it. Older appliances may need updates or replaced. Older plumbing may need to be replaced and foundations may need repairs to prevent any potential flooding.

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