What’s Next for Underheard in New York?

Underheard in New York was created as a thirty day initiative to give the homeless population of NYC a voice. You listened- so many people listened.

We received a lot of messages asking about the future of the project and if Danny, Derrick, Carlos and Albert will keep tweeting. We think they will- regardless of whether it’s with
Underheard in New York or not. A community formed around them and that
has impacted their lives.

We’ve read the inspirational messages and encouragement you’ve sent their way, and so have they- Albert mentioned on Thursday that he now has “a little smile sometimes.” He didn’t used to smile that often, but now that he has found out how caring people are around the world he is “able to crack a little smile sometimes.” They’re all so grateful to have you out there listening.

They’re also grateful for those who wanted to do more that they are offering college grants for any upcoming students.

Derrick received a phone call from NY Giants player Steve Smith, as well as a ticket to an upcoming game and a fundraiser for the NYC Rescue Mission in his name. He received an offer of a job interview, which he went on Friday morning.

Albert had his $200 worth of transit tickets paid, something that goes beyond just the money he didn’t have. Instead of ignoring the problem, its been taken care of and there will be no legal stumbling blocks in his future as he pulls himself back to his feet.

Carlos has created ‘angels’ out of followers, and received an offer of office space, a $30 metro card so he doesn’t have to walk 2.5 hours to the library each day.

Danny found someone to write down his life story, one which now has a much happier ending- @craftsygirl found his daughter through social media and the two of them reunited after 11 years apart.

So what happens now? With the money left in our budget, we put another 30-days of unlimited texting on each man’s phone. We don’t believe their stories are done being told.

We also don’t believe there aren’t other stories to tell. Underheard in New York is working with BBH, the agency that gave us the opportunity and guidance to create this project, to develop an expansion model that would bring Underheard to your own city. We will keep everyone updated as things develop here- we’re very excited to continue the project and get you involved.

Our blog updates will eventually stop, and we won’t be posting twitter updates so much ourselves, but this project was never about us. We’ll have one last video to recap the month and as always, you can reach us at underheardinny@gmail.com or @underheardinny if you have questions, suggestions or anything in between.